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Suggestions for How to Work Smarter, Not Harder: Part II

By Frank Michael D'Amore |

Working smarter is not a panacea, but it certainly can help. Last month, five ideas were offered that promote greater efficiency. Five more are discussed this month.

Left to right: Lindsey Berg and Jean L. Bertrand, Schiff Hardin

Countdown to Trial Checklist: Part Two

By Jean L. Bertrand and Lindsey N. Berg |

Whether your trial is simple or complex, whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant, whether your case is document-intensive or a matter of "he says, she says," the following checklist will help you to be ready on the day of the trial.

Brooklyn Law School.

Go-To Law Schools: Half a Percentage Point Makes the Difference

By Karen Sloan |

Ten law schools came tantalizingly close to landing on The National Law Journal’s Go-To Law Schools list for 2015.

To Correct or Not To Correct Social Media Misinformation

By Alan G. Minsk |

While the draft guidance is not legally binding, it offers insight into the FDA's expectations and issues for industry to consider as it continues to develop social media campaigns.

From 3L to In-house

By David Hechler |

Not many companies have embraced this model, but HP seems very happy with the results.

Image of businesswoman writing in notepad at workplace

How to Have a More Successful Career by Knowing Yourself

By Dena Lefkowitz |

As Joseph Campbell said, "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."

University of Iowa College of Law.

Law School Without the LSAT in Iowa, Buffalo

By Karen Sloan |

The University of Iowa College of Law and the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School will henceforth accept high-performing undergraduates who have not taken the Law School Admission Test.

Thomas Sager

The Legal Profession Needs More Givers Than Takers

By Thomas L. Sager |

Those of us who are old hands at practicing law have much to learn from a brilliant young professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania about improving our industry's long-term outlook.

Why You Should Keep 'Shall' Out of Contracts

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

Many pieces of contract drafting advice begins with a simple commandment: “Thou shall not use shall.” But Leah Braukman of Reed Smith writes that it may not be time to entirely dispense with the often-anachronistic word.

On the Clock: Time Management Steps for Young Attorneys

By Brian M. Lucot |

There's an old saying that if you have something that needs to get done, give it to a busy person. When I first heard this, my initial reaction was that it was absurd.

Long-term Legal Concerns for Pop-up Businesses

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

Pop-up shops are all the rage right now, but Sarah Klein of Becker & Poliakoff warns that “just because your business is temporary, doesn’t mean your legal concerns are.”

The Importance of Choosing and Building a Practice Area

By Christine E. Weller |

Recognizing the importance is one thing, but as a young lawyer working in your first job out of law school, how exactly are you supposed to know what you want to pursue and that there is a need out there for you to fill?

Law School Diversity Improves—But Only at the Bottom

By Karen Sloan |

The percentage of African-American and Hispanic students enrolled in law school increased between 2010 and 2013, but those gains came almost exclusively at less-prestigious law schools with lower admission standards, according to new research.

Frank D'Amore

Suggestions for How to Work Smarter, Not Harder: Part I

By Frank Michael D'Amore |

What, if anything, can be done to carve out that precious commodity that can't be purchased anyway, namely, the disappearing entity known as free time?

4 Questions to Ask About Employment Tests and Assessments

By David Jones and Jeffrey Ross |

To avoid wasting money and creating risk with poor employment testing tools, we suggest questions for employers to ask vendors.

Image of businesspeople working at meeting

Identifying and Improving on the Positives in Your Career

By Dena Lefkowitz |

While I am always in favor of a conscious effort to improve, I am going to suggest that it is extremely worthwhile to devote some time to identifying what worked really well last year, where you excelled and what you're doing that you would like to see more of.

Simplifying Documents: A Paperless Life and Law Firm

By Johan T. Widjaja |

I detest any physical mail I get in my mailbox, at home or at my firm. What is the point?

Working to Advance Your Career While Raising a Family

By Jennie Philip |

I have heard many people tell me that I can't have both, being a full-time mom and lawyer, that on either side, someone will be short-changed.

social media keys

How to Obtain Social Media Data for Defending Lawsuits

By Emily T. Acosta and Eric P. Conn |

Obtaining social media user content under most circumstances is extremely difficult unless you use the correct strategy.

Daniel Schaffzin.

Law Students Combat Urban Blight in Memphis

By Karen Sloan |

Memphis has been fighting urban blight for years, and now students from the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law are joining the battle.

Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Ind.

From Law School to Congress

By Karen Sloan |

The sitting crop of lawyer-­lawmakers passed through 105 law campuses on their way to Washington.

Your Data Is Talking: Is Your Legal Department Listening?

By Joy Saphla |

Data has a lot to say in today’s world, if you know how to speak its language.

Sally Rosenberg.

A Partner for Second Time, McDermott Lawyer Reflects on Gender Diversity

By Katelyn Polantz |

Life sometimes gets in the way of lawyering. This year, Sally Rosenberg found herself for the second time earning a promotion to partner.

Bringing Stay-at-Home Parents Back to the Law Department

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

Keita Young, a vice president and assistant general counsel at JPMorgan Chase & Co., likely didn’t imagine herself in a choice law department position when she was a stay-at-home mom.

Left to right: Randy Evans and Shari Klevens, McKenna Long & Aldridge partners and Suzanne Badawi, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton partner

Protect Your Firm From Attorney Exit Blowback

By Randy Evans, Shari Klevens and Suzanne Y. Badawi |

It seems like every week is a game of musical chairs, with attorneys and practice groups constantly moving from one firm to another.