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Professor Brian Tamanaha of Washington University Law

Theory: The Time Was Never Better to Enroll in Law School

By Karen Sloan |

Is now the ideal time to enroll in law school? Steven Freedman, assistant dean for admissions at the University of Kansas School of Law, has been making the counterintuitive case that it is.

Effective Writing Skills Fundamental for Paralegals

By Christine M. Flynn |

One of the most common questions heard at paralegal networking events is, "What is the most important skill set a paralegal should possess?" The responses seem to vary.

Finding Opportunities to Do Some Good and Volunteer This April

By YL Editorial Board |

While finding the time to volunteer can be difficult, its benefits warrant consideration of whether we can all give up some amount of time—no matter how small—to volunteering.

What a Young Lawyer Can Teach You

By Casey Rose Shevin |

I wondered what I, a new lawyer, could possibly teach a firm of experienced attorneys. An idea came to me while scanning my Twitter feed.

Image of a lawyer pulling a file from a long file drawer

Moneyball for Lawyers

By Sean Doherty |

Enter data analysis tools such as Lex Machina that help lawyers craft a successful plan and perhaps even forecast the case result.

Lessons I've Learned While Being a First-Year Associate

By Emily Ashe |

Though the demands of law school can be challenging, nothing can prepare you for the "real world" as a practicing attorney.

Your Business: Tips for Turning Younger Lawyers Into Business Generators

By David Ackert and Gabriel Byberg |

One of the relatively untapped revenue-generating frontiers is to harness the business development potential of younger lawyers whose appetite for client development is considerably sharper than that of their baby boomer colleagues.

Lawyer Suspended Three Months for Phantom Depositions on Time Sheets

By David Gialanella |

The firm had to pay clients back more than $123,000 in unearned fees.

Firm Chastised for Overbilling for Novice Counsel

By Christine Simmons |

A six-lawyer Brooklyn firm that assigned a law student and junior associate to a client's case has been barred from collecting its legal fee.

Adam West: “To be able to take control and finish early was a nice option,” he concluded.

Arizona's Early Bar Exam Sitting Attracts 38 Hopefuls

By Karen Sloan |

With three young children at home and his legal education costs ­mounting, Adam West, a third-year student at Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, wasn't ­looking forward to five unpaid months while he studied for the bar examination and awaited admission to practice after ­graduation.

3 Ways to Ease the Leap From Firm to In-House Counsel

By Craig C. Martin and Jeffrey A. Atteberry |

As well-worn as this path may be, it is not without its challenges and perils.

Rolling Out Your New, Improved Practice

By Sharon Berman |

You can't reinvent law without reinventing law firm marketing and business development. And you can't reinvent your marketing or practice without taking action.

4 Proven Strategies for Law Department Transformation

By Paul Mandell |

It can be very easy to focus purely on day-to-day legal work at the expense of major initiatives that yield higher efficiency or productivity.

Share Origination Credit Among Partners

By Joel A. Rose |

Strong incentives should be provided to partners for bringing new business through the door.

'Very Modest' Jobs Growth Seen For Law School Graduates

By Karen Sloan |

The law school class of 2013 didn’t have much better luck than their predecessors in finding jobs, as entry-level employment data released Wednesday by the American Bar Association revealed that very little changed in the hiring market.

Projecting Confidence Is Fundamental to Career Success

By Christopher M. Varano |

To me, a successful lawyer is like an ace pitcher on a baseball team: a proven winner who is focused, strategic and, above all, reliable. For a pitcher to become an ace, however, he or she must develop a repertoire that features challenging pitches capable of getting batters out.

LinkedIn Endorsements: Lawyers Proceed With Caution

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

The American Bar Association Model Rules that prohibit lawyers from making a false or misleading claim about their services applies to LinkedIn too.

Technology should not get in the way of professionalism

By Samuel C. Stretton |

Certainly, there is no disagreement that technology is rapidly changing the way law is practiced. As a result of technology, at times it seems like the legal profession is being divided into those who embrace technology wholeheartedly and those, like myself, who use it when necessary but don't see it as the essence of being a lawyer.

Law School Launches In-House Counsel Institute

By Rebekah Mintzer |

On Tuesday, New York Law School launched an academic institute devoted to the issues facing corporate counsel.

Ideal Content Lengths for Social Media Networks

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

Lawyers have a reputation for being, well, long-winded at times, whether in court or online. But their extra words may not be helping their causes, where social media is concerned.

Front view of insurance agent sitting at his desk with papers and documents ready for his clients to sign them. Focus on a pen.

If You're Going to Fire Someone, Get the Story Straight

By Sherry Karabin |

When terminating an employee, it’s important to ensure the reasons are job-related, well-documented and consistent, says McAfee & Taft associate Suzanne Kern on the firm’s EmployerLINC blog.

Study: Lawyers Are 3.6 Times More Prone to Depression

By Sherry Karabin |

Washington and Lee University School of Law adjunct professor Brian Clarke is tackling the subject in a two-part series posted on The Faculty Lounge.

Hereinafter Shall You Avoid Said Words

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

Provided that legal drafters shall continue to use said words in their writing, guru Bryan Garner, in the ABA Journal, has created a list pursuant to which lawyers should avoid in both law and definitely everyday life.

8 Tips for Lateral Partners From Those Who Made a Move

By Aric Press |

Practical advice from 1,100 lawyers who have already switched firms. Do as they say.

Photo by John Disney/Daily Report.

Sometimes You Fight, Sometimes You Fold

By Sherry Karabin |

If your business is sued, settling may save money and the company’s reputation. But that doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice.