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Lisa Blue.

Q&A with Lisa Blue, 'Hillblazer' for the Clinton Campaign

By Amanda Bronstad |

Lisa Blue has always been captivated by politics. Her late husband, Fred Baron, a prominent trial lawyer in Dallas, was a Democratic fundraiser who played key roles in the presidential campaigns of John Edwards. Baron died in 2008. Blue's involvement in politics became more pronounced this past year after serving as president of the American Association for Justice, the nation's largest plaintiffs bar organization. Blue, who ended her tenure this summer, is now an influential fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. She talks with the NLJ about her support for Clinton and about legal issues for the 2016 election.

Thomas Warren

Sutherland Handles Wind, Gas and Oil Deals

By Meredith Hobbs |

It's been a busy fall for Sutherland Asbill & Brennan's energy practice. The firm has handled three energy deals—in wind, natural gas and oil—with lawyers from its Atlanta headquarters, Houston, Washington and New York that have been announced since November.

'Soft Skills' Are What Make Good Lawyers Great

By Elizabeth Moeller |

These important skills will help you discover what you want in a career, enable you to learn about unique opportunities that may not be posted anywhere, help you land jobs and clients and, ultimately, become a successful professional in the career path of your choosing.

social media keys

Question No. 1 for the Lawyer on Social Media: What Not to Share?

By Julie Langdon |

Attorneys have the option to use social media to enhance their careers and businesses. But each attorney should keep in mind a few precautions before sharing anything. Failure to take these seriously can cost lawyers their jobs, or worse, their bar licenses.

How to Clinch That 'A' and Not Lose Your Mind

By Nina T. Martinez |

I offer a disclaimer: Take my advice and the advice you receive during your time in law school with a grain of salt.

Tips for Developing Self-Confidence So You Can Flourish

By Dena Lefkowitz |

I turn to "The Sound of Music" for an assist in addressing another competency of emotional intelligence: self-confidence.

From Deputy GC to NHL Commish? It Could Happen

By Sue Reisinger |

Jessica Berman, deputy general counsel of the National Hockey League, might just become the first female commissioner of a men’s professional sports league—at least one media outlet says so.


How to Start Out Successfully on Your First Day of Work

By Justin J. Koterba |

The first day at your new job can be an anxiety-provoking yet exciting time, and the first few years of your legal career can be some of the most important of your professional life.

The Other Big Online Threat: Reputational Attacks

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

Cyberthreats aren’t just coming from hackers seeking the personal information of your customers.

Has Law School Enrollment Hit Rock Bottom?

By Karen Sloan |

Legal educators are cautiously optimistic that the 2015-16 academic year will mark the low point for law school enrollment, and that the number of applicants next year will start to recover from a five-year slide.