Associate Life

Villanova University School of Law

The Benefits of Staying Engaged With Your Law School

By Geneva Campbell and Lynne Kolodinsky |

As relatively new attorneys, we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between law students and older alumni.

Five Tips for Going In-House at a Startup

By Eva Hibnick |

The biggest concerns startups have when hiring a lawyer is they won't fit into the culture that is so important to company founders. They want to be sure everyone they hire works hard, can wear multiple hats and can have a good time with the team.

Michael J. Joyce

Making the Transition From Junior to Midlevel Associate

By Michael J. Joyce |

One of the first tests at adaptation for any lawyer arises between law school and the first years of practice.

ABA Offering Free Memberships to Law Students

By Karen Sloan |

The American Bar Association is doing away with dues for law students.

Julie Q. Brush

Can a Corporate Associate Make the Move Into Litigation?

By Julie Q. Brush |

As law students, many aren't sure what type of law is best suited for them. This is true even as these newly minted lawyers enter the legal market.

Wolf Law building at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Colorado Law Launches First Campus Entrepreneur Program

By Karen Sloan |

Students at the University of Colorado Law School will rub elbows with entrepreneurs from around the globe next year.

<b>CORNELIUS RANGE:</b> He founded a group for first-generation law students at Columbia.

First in Their Families

By Karen Sloan |

Columbia Law School felt like a foreign country to Cornelius Range when he arrived in the fall of 2013. His classmates seemed to know instinctively how to manage the competitive environment, study for exams, network and apply for internships and summer jobs. Range, meanwhile, struggled to adjust.

Left to right: Randy Evans and Shari Klevens, McKenna Long & Aldridge partners and Suzanne Badawi, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton partner

Advance Planning Can Help Avoid the Risks in Law Firm Failures

By Randy Evans, Shari Klevens and Suzanne Y. Badawi |

While times are changing, it is important for law firms to have agreements and policies in place to protect from unforeseen problems down the road.

Lawyers for Foley & Lardner partner Howard Shipley on Thursday responded to the U.S. Supreme Court’s threat to sanction him for a petition he filed in a patent case.

A Tip From The Justices on Writing: Keep it Simple

By Tony Mauro |

The U.S. Supreme Court rarely offers practice pointers to the advocates who appear before it. But it did just that on March 23.

Eight Creative Ways for Law Firms to Get Client Feedback

By Shilpa Malik |

At times, finding meaningful feedback can be difficult if you don't have the formal channels in place.

Debunking Myths About Hiring Outside Counsel

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

Like stepping into the perfect pair of shoes, there’s no one way for a general counsel to find the right fit with an outside firm.

It's Time to Make the Effort to Build Your Network

By Dena Lefkowitz |

I didn't think of them as my "network" when we were in the school yard or having beers after taking the bar examination.

Five Tips for Mastering the Seven-Hour Deposition

By Mark D'Argenio |

Contrary to common perceptions, efficiency is much less a product of fast-talking questioning and more a product of non-innate skills of preparation and approach.

Suggestions for How to Work Smarter, Not Harder: Part III

By Frank Michael D'Amore |

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan popularized the "Just Say No" phrase more than 30 years ago in the fight against drugs. Occasionally implementing that admonition when you are asked to handle a new assignment or project can be quite valuable.

Small LSAT Spike Doesn’t Mean Law School Slump Is Over

By Karen Sloan |

More people took the Law School Admission Test in February than during the same month last year.

Deposition Tips for Earning Respect as a Young Attorney

By Brad E. Haas |

As a young attorney, preparation is key to maintaining control of a deposition and to earning the respect of your peers.

3 Workplace Ethics Lessons From the Ethisphere Summit

By Rebekah Mintzer |

Ethics and compliance mistakes made by companies are more likely to become publicized and prompt legal problems. It means that the jobs of in-house legal and compliance departments are getting more complex and more important.

University of Iowa College of Law.

Justices OK Retrial for Law Prof's Political Bias Case

By Karen Sloan |

A part-time legal writing instructor at the University of Iowa College of Law who alleges she was passed over for a faculty position because of her conservative political views will get a second chance to prove her case.

Study: Law Grads’ Earning Advantage Seems Recession-Proof

By Karen Sloan |

Graduating during a recession has very little long-term effect on law graduates’ lifetime earnings.

Down With the Billable Hour, Up With Better Service

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

As the billable hour becomes an anachronism, in-house counsel can expect changes in how they consume (and pay for) legal services, according to Christian Denmon in the Lawyerist.

Practice Ready? Law Students and Practitioners Disagree

By Karen Sloan |

Are most law graduates ready to practice once they have their diplomas and bar cards in hand? That depends on whom you ask.

Yale Law School.

Yale Remains Atop US News’ List of the Best Law Schools

By Karen Sloan |

Stanford Law School moved up one spot to tie Harvard Law School at No. 2.

Digging Deeper During Lateral Hiring Can Prevent Costly Headaches

By Eric Dewey |

The underwhelming performance of laterals displays a range of ways attorneys fail to excel in their new positions.

handshake over coffee

Phrases You'll Hear at Your First Job—and Why They Matter

By Alexis C. Handrich |

First, breathe. Then, open your ears. Once you do, you are certain to hear words that can help.

Mobile Lawyering: 3 Risks and 3 Solutions

By Stephen Treglia |

The power suit has become the power suite of apps and includes laptops, tablets and smartphones to help lawyers take care of business. Mobility has officially arrived.