Tips to Help Stressed-Out Law Students Unclinch

By Angela Morris |

TLAP knows that students are anxious at bar exam time, and offer some advice to help.

Kathleen J. Wu, a partner in Andrews Kurth in Dallas

Benign Neglect Is Just as Harmful as Overt Acts

By Kathleen wu |

When talking about gender bias, we tend to focus on acts of commission rather than acts of omission. But much of what harms women (and other underrepresented groups) is simply being ignored or left out of the room.

Businessman texting

Sanctions Imposed Against Nonpracticing Entity, Its Principal and Its Lead Counsel in What Judge Gilstrap Found to be the 'Clearest Example of an Exceptional Case' Yet

By Mark Nelson and Heather Khassian |

On Jan. 25, Judge Gilstrap found plaintiff and its principal (Brian Yates) jointly and severally liable for $355,000 in fees and costs under 35 U.S.C. Section 285.

John Grand of Vinson & Elkins in Dallas.

Firms Finding Work in Distress

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

Texas firms with energy transactional and bankruptcy/restructuring practices are reaping business from the sales of distressed assets both inside and outside of bankruptcy court.

How to Manage a High-Stakes Divorce

By R. Scott Downing |

By nature, divorces are traumatic for spouses. However, with the introduction of litigation involving questions such as whether property will be characterized as separate or community, valuing that property, litigating which parent will provide the primary residence for the child, and whether the parent may move away with the child, the proceedings will quickly take on a very high-stakes tenor.