Litigator of the Week

Craft Hughes

Litigator of the Week: Houston Lawyer Wins $5.4M Verdict for Neighbor

By Miriam Rozen |

W. Craft Hughes learned about allegations in a lawsuit four years ago, when his neighbor knocked on the door of his home. This started the chain of events that led to his clients winning a nearly $5.4 million jury verdict against Wells Fargo Bank and a mortgage servicing company on Nov. 6.

Brett Govett partner Norton Rose Fulbright, Dallas

Litigator of the Week: Norton Rose Fulbright Insulates Patent Case Win With Video of Patent Agent Deposition

By Miriam Rozen |

A straight defense verdict in a patent infringement case in Marshall federal court has halted a potentially monopolistic force in the reflective insulation industry.

Jeff Edwards, owner, founder and partner, Edwards Law, Austin

$1M Judgment in Prisoner's Wrongful Death Case

By Miriam Rozen |

Jeff Edwards scores the win for the family members of man who died after a short stay in Swisher County jail, where he allegedly received inadequate medical treatment.

Litigator of the Week: Pothole Victory

By Miriam Rozen |

At trial, Lannie, of the Law Offices of Scott C. Lannie in Baytown, said he "faced head-on" the challenge of getting jurors to accept his client's claims, despite a pre-existing condition. "Sometimes all they want to hear is that you had a pre-existing condition, and then that's all they hear," Lannie said about juries in general.

Litigator of the Week: Bracewell Partners Get $30M Claims Dismissed for Client

By Miriam Rozen |

Phillip Sampson and Christopher Dodson, two partners in Houston's Bracewell & Giuliani, scored a major defense victory last month for their client Vopak Terminal Deer Park, a bulk liquid terminal operation with a flagship in the Houston Ship Channel, thanks to their discovery findings.

Jarrett Ellzey (left) and Craft Hughes, partners in Hughes Ellzey, Houston

Litigator of the Week: Rare RESPA Win for Plaintiffs

By Miriam Rozen |

Federal judge has also ordered mortgage company defendant to pay attorney fees to Hughes Ellzey partners' clients.

Thomas J. Henry (left) and J. Thomas Rhodes

Litigator of the Week: High-Low Agreement + $67M Verdict=$9M for Plaintiff

By Miriam Rozen |

An accident victim wins a $67 million verdict, including $33 million in punitive damages, represented by co-counsel Tom Rhodes of San Antonio and Thomas J. Henry of Corpus Christi.

Cade Bernsen, left, and David Bernsen of the Bernsen Law Firm, Beaumont.

Litigator of the Week: Case Involving Sperm Bank, Ex-Girlfriends and Rare Mental Anguish Damages

By Miriam Rozen |

Layne Hardin and Katherine LeBlanc alleged that Tobie Devall retrieved vials of Hardin's sperm from a sperm bank, had herself inseminated and gave birth to his child, all without his permission.

Anthony 'Tony' Buzbee of The Buzbee Law Firm in Houston

Litigator of the Week: Tony Buzbee Nets $159M Jury Verdict

By Miriam Rozen |

"This jury made it pretty clear what the value of life is," said Tony Buzbee, of The Buzbee Law Firm in Houston.

David Fettner

Litigator of the Week: $3M Plus $154,000 in Attorney Fees

By Miriam Rozen |

David Fettner certainly learned that lesson when a Houston state district judge issued on July 31 a final judgment awarding his client $3 million in damages and $154,000 in attorney fees.

Matthew R. Pearson

Litigator of the Week: $20.2M Judgment in Oil-Patch Dispute

By Miriam Rozen |

In "Shale Exploration v. Eagle Oil & Gas," filed in Harris County's 152nd District Court, the dispute concerned lease information about an oil and gas prospect in North Dakota.

Orrin Lea Harrison III

Litigator of the Week: Gold and Coin Wholesaler Wins Take-Nothing Verdict in Stanford Litigation

By Miriam Rozen |

The outcome represents a rare loss for Ralph Janvey, the receiver in R. Allen Stanford's Ponzi scheme- related litigation.

John Browning

Litigator of the Week: Not Being Served Properly Leads to Take-Nothing Verdict

"My client and I first found out about the lawsuit in spring 2013 when the plaintiffs' lawyer purported to have a $2.2 million default judgment against Life Time taken in state district court in Houston—despite the fact that we had never been served," John Browning recalled.

Litigator of the Week: A Blowout: Beautician Gets Unpaid Overtime

By Miriam Rozen |

"I was never shy about saying this: This was never a case that the defendants were going to win. But they chose not to resolve it, and we walked away with a bigger takeaway," said plaintiffs lawyer Charles Branham.

Stephen Wedemeyer, shareholder, Winstead, Houston

Litigator of the Week: Don't Ignore the Signs of Jury Fatigue

By Miriam Rozen |

Defense lawyers didn't ignore the signs when jurors showed they were getting tired of a trial.

Litigator of the Week: City of Houston's HERO

By Miriam Rozen |

Geoffrey Harrison, a partner in Susman Godfrey, scores defense victory for city, mayor and city secretary in fight against proponents of referendum to repeal the city's LGBT equal rights ordinance, known as HERO.

Jason Weber, associate, Thompson Coe Cousins & Iron, Dallas

Litigator of the Week: Associate's Victory May Set Favorable Precedent for Employers

By Miriam Rozen |

Thompson Coe associate prevails on summary judgment for a temporary staffing firm and wins a take-nothing judgment, arguing that employers' distribution of W-2 tax forms to employees doesn't automatically mean control of their workplaces.

Steve Williard, Williard Law Firm, Houston

Email Distinction Key to Defense Victory

By Miriam Rozen |

A Houston lawyer prevails by getting a jury to differentiate between a sent email and a read one.

Attorney Broadus Spivey of Austin's Spivey & Grigg

Litigator of the Week: $1 Million Verdict for Civil Rights Plaintiff, Even Without Medical, Economic or Punitive Damages

By Miriam Rozen |

Broadus Spivey, a veteran Texas litigator, didn't let a challenging scenario stop him from winning a big verdict for his client Carlos Chacon, who claimed police officers used excessive force.

Ricardo J. Prieto, an associate at Shellist Lazarz Slobin in Houston

Litigator of the Week: Exotic Dancers Win FLSA Claim

By Miriam Rozen |

Richard Prieto, who represents two women who won back wages, misappropriated tips and house fees from employer, expects his clients to seek $250,000 in attorney fees.

Jamil N. Alibhai is a partner at Munck Wilson Mandala in Dallas

Litigator of the Week: TAOS' Win in Trade Secrets Case Hinged on Detailed Timeline

By Miriam Rozen |

Dallas lawyer Jamil Alibhai said he focused on finding out what his client's opponents knew before and after they met TAOS representatives.

Ross Cunningham, partner, Cunningham Swaim, Dallas

LOTW: $16.8 Million Patent Infringement Win

By Miriam Rozen |

Ross Cunningham said initially he was "like a monkey trying to lace up a football."

David Bernsen of the Bernsen Law Firm in Beaumont

LOTW: 'Deliberate Indifference' Leads to $2.4 Million Verdict

By Miriam Rozen |

Civil rights litigator David Bernsen knew he had to persuade the jury that Orange County officials had shown "deliberate indifference" to Robert Montano, a county prisoner who died of renal failure in jail after spending days in a cell without running water or a toilet.

Demetrios Anaipakos, a partner in Houston's Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing

Litigator of the Week: $15.7 Million Patent Verdict Win

By John Council |

A jury deliberated for less than an hour before handing Demetrios Anaipakos' NPE client a victory against defendant Samsung in the Eastern District of Texas.

Fernando M. Bustos, partner, Bustos Law Firm, Lubbock

Litigator of the Week: Plaintiffs Win Punitives in Lubbock

By Miriam Rozen |

When plaintiffs wins a verdict with punitives in Lubbock, the outcome seems sweeter to their lawyer, even if the dollar figures don't match East Texas expectations.

Anthony 'Tony' Buzbee of The Buzbee Law Firm in Houston

Litigator of the Week: Tony Buzbee Wins $29 Million Verdict for Oil Field Worker's Family

By Miriam Rozen |

The family sued his employer after the worker died in an explosion that occurred allegedly because a defective battery was heated to extend its life.

Litigator of the Week: After Blow Up: $10.8 Million to Oil Well Owners Against Insurer

By Miriam Rozen |

Courts had never addressed questions about due care and diligence of wells before a blowup in terms of insurance coverage, said Michael Orlando, plaintiffs counsel.

Theodore 'Ted' Stevenson III, a principal in the Dallas office of McKool Smith

Litigator of the Week: $15 Million Verdict in Patent Case

By Miriam Rozen |

In intellectual property litigation, Droplets prevails against Sears and Overstock, a victory also for McKool Smith's Ted Stevenson.

Mike Pierce, partner, Pierce Chapman Skrabanek Bruera, Houston

Litigator of the Week: $16.7 Million Final Judgment in Jones Act Case

By Miriam Rozen |

Mike Pierce said he won by concentrating first on defendants' alleged failure to pay maintenance and care for a seaman.

Eliot Shavin, solo, SMU adjunct, Dallas

Litigator of the Week: $1 Million Judgment in Race Discrimination Lawsuit

By Miriam Rozen |

Eliot Shavin won a payday for his clients but, at the same time, learned to dig deeper during jury questioning and pretrial motion preparation.

Lisa S. Tsai, a partner in Austin's Reid Collins & Tsai

Litigator of the Week: Austin Lawyers Score $40 Million Fraud Win

By John Council |

After a two-and-a-half-week trial, Austin attorneys Bill Reid and Lisa Tsai recently convinced a Dallas County jury that Credit Suisse defrauded their hedge fund client by overinflating the value of a Nevada resort as part of a 2007 loan refinancing transaction—a verdict that netted their client $40 million in damages.

Litigator of the Week: Defense Win After Asking Judge for Reconsideration

By Miriam Rozen |

Michael Mitchell helps Firestone prevail against employment discrimination plaintiffs and gets federal judge to reverse herself.

Rob Crain, partner, Crain Lewis, Dallas

Litigator of the Week: $6.2 Million Verdict in Wrongful Death Suit

By Miriam Rozen |

Toxicology report showing deceased had marijuana in his system didn't doom the plaintiffs' case.

Ophelia F. Camiña, a partner in Susman Godfrey in Dallas

Litigator of the Week: $15 Million Verdict for Richardson's GlobeRanger Corp.

By Miriam Rozen |

Susman Godfrey partner, working on contingency and drilling down through emails, wins jury verdict for plaintiff claiming misappropriation of trade secrets.

Litigator of the Week: Daniel Scardino

By Miriam Rozen |

Daniel Scardino scores a $23.6 million verdict for his client MTel, which had filed patent infringement claims against iPhone manufacturer.