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Austin Pays $480K to Settle Pregnancy Centers Suit

By Angela Morris |

The city of Austin will pay $461,000 in attorney fees to settle a case by religious-based pregnancy resource centers that won a ruling that a city ordinance was unconstitutional.

Despite SCOTUS Ruling, Texas Must Pay Voting Rights Plaintiffs' Fees

By Miriam Rozen |

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is disappointed and evaluating options after a federal appeals court ruled that the state must pay roughly $1 million in attorney fees to plaintiffs who intervened in Voting Rights Act litigation, according to Cynthia Meyer, an Office of the Attorney General spokeswoman.

Jury Awards $70M Verdict in O&G Fraud Case

By Angela Neville |

A jury in Fisher County handed down a $70 million verdict in connection with a case involving allegations by two groups of investors, including Lowry Hunt of Mansfield's L.W. Hunt Resources and Richard Raughton of Fort Worth, who claimed that they were conned out of sizable profits from West Texas oil and gas production leases.

Ken Paxton

Paxton Pleads Not Guilty, Loses Lawyer

By John Council |

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's not-guilty plea was not a surprise. The withdrawal of his lead lawyer, Joe Kendall, was.

Texas Lawyer Announces 2015 Lifetime Achievement Awards

By Heather D. Nevitt |

This list recognizes lawyers who have made their mark on the legal profession in the Lone Star State. In addition, we have named three nominees for Attorney of the Year. The winner of that award will be announced at an event in Houston on Nov. 2.

Texas Divorce Firm Accused of Discrimination

By John Council |

Hal Gillespie, a partner in Dallas' Gillespie Sanford, said his client's allegations are a familiar age discrimination story with an unusual twist.

A. Shonn Brown

A. Shonn Brown | 42

A. Shonn Brown knew as a young girl growing up in the Dallas area that she would practice law one day.

Judge Ravi Sandill

Ravi K. Sandill | 39

At the urging of the Harris County Democratic Party in 2008, Ravi K. Sandill challenged a longtime Houston judge to become the first person of South Asian descent elected to a district court bench in Texas.

Superlitigious Fight Continues Over Super Bowl Seating

By Miriam Rozen |

With their appeal, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the plaintiffs seek to overturn a Dallas federal judge's pretrial rulings and to schedule a new trial.

Lawyer Found Not in Contempt for Client’s Actions

By John Council |

"She ordered me taken hostage for my client failing to comply to what she wanted done. I don't know that any judge has the power to jail a client's lawyer until the client does what they want them to do," said Dan Sheehan.