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Nico LaHood, the newly elected Bexar County DA

Close District Attorney Races Lead to Two High-Profile Upsets

By John Council, Miriam Rozen, and Angela Morris |

While most Texas Republicans easily coasted to victory in statewide races, D.A.s Susan Reed and Craig Watkins lost their jobs in very close contests against bipartisan challengers.

Texas Governor Rick Perry

In Context: Gov. Rick Perry's Indictment

The following timeline details the events that unfolded in Texas courts following Travis County D.A. Rosemary Lehmberg's drunk driving conviction in April 2013 through Gov. Rick Perry's booking Aug. 19.

Jamie Yarbrough, University of Texas School of Law graduate and associate with Baker Botts in Houston

Pitch Perfect: Musician Gets the Top Score on July Bar Exam

By Angela Morris |

"It was a shock to me: I had no idea. I wasn't aiming to have the top score. I was just hoping to pass the bar exam like anyone else," said Jamie Yarbrough.

What's to Blame for Bad Bar Exam Pass Rates?

By Angela Morris |

Texas law school deans said a drop in bar exam pass rates points to a harsher multistate bar exam. But a national law examiner said "less able" test takers were responsible for the drop.

Police Identify FSU Gunman as Former Texas BigLaw Associate

By Mark Bauer |

A man who opened fire at a Florida State Univerisity library was identified by police as a Texas lawyer.

Attorney Fees Sought in Patent Infringement Suit


After a judge dismisses a patent infringement suit, defendants seek reimbursement for attorney fees and costs.

Les Weisbrod of Dallas’ Miller Weisbrod

Update: Settlement Reached in Ebola Death Case

By Miriam Rozen |

"In my opinion, the settlement is much more than if the case had gone to verdict," said Weisbrod, a partner in Dallas' Miller Weisbrod who represents the family on a pro bono basis.

Halliburton, Baker Hughes in Big Energy Deal

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

Halliburton and Baker Hughes announce agreement for Halliburton to acquire Baker Hughes for $34.6 billion.

Bill Wirskye, incoming Dallas County first assistant district attorney

Incoming DA Susan Hawk Chooses First Assistant

By John Council |

"A D.A.'s office can be two things at once. You can be hard on the people you need to be hard on. But you recognize that the majority of people that come through the criminal justice system don't need to be warehoused," said Bill Wirskye.

Family Law Judges Talk TROs, Indigent Court Costs, Annulments

By John Council |

On Oct. 21, Texas Lawyer hosted "Best Practices as Seen from the Bench: Family Law." Panelists included Tarrant County judges Judith Wells, Mike Sinha and Jesus Nevarez Jr. And Parker County judge Graham Quisenberry.