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Shorts in court leads to recusal motion

By John Council |

A Dallas criminal defense lawyer has filed a motion to recuse a Dallas County misdemeanor court judge from hearing his client's case. He claims that she won't let him wear shorts in her courtroom.

Biz litigation spending up

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

46 percent of energy companies spent more than $5 million on litigation in 2013.

Heinz ketchup

Bottle battle: trademark ruling for H.J. Heinz Co.

By Miriam Rozen |

"Since the 1890s, Heinz has marketed, distributed, and sold its famous ketchup products in a highly distinctive glass bottle design," wrote U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle of the Northern District of Texas.

Rainbow color marshmallow peeps and jelly beans.

Who Knew Marshmallow Bunnies Had So Much to Say?

By Miriam Rozen |

Brink constructed and photographed the dioramas before she knew about the ABA Journal contest because, she said, "I thought my children would appreciate it."

cowboy hats

#TBT: Man Held in Contempt After Telling Judge He Doesn't Remove His Cowboy Hat for "Nobody but His Mama"

By Mark Bauer |

Leave it to a Texan to disrespect a courtroom in honor of his mother.

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the 1964 Civil Rights Act as Martin Luther King, Jr., others look on.

UT Law hosts Civil Rights Summit

By Miriam Rozen |

Students at the University of Texas School of Law have a better than usual chance of running into a current or former U.S. president—or four—this week.

Deborah G. Hankinson, a former justice on the Texas Supreme Court, now practices at appellate firm Hankinson LLP in Dallas

5 oral argument tips from former SCOTX justice Deborah Hankinson

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Deborah Hankinson, who now practices at appellate firm Hankinson LLP in Dallas, offers a half-dozen tips for lawyers prepping for oral argument.

Soldier memorials stand in tribute Nov. 10, 2009, during a service at Fort Hood, Texas, honoring the 13 U.S. Soldiers killed by a lone gunman Nov. 5. The service was held in front of Van Fleet Hall, the headquarters of III Corps and Fort Hood. (U.S. Army photo by Christopher Varville/Released)

Deadly Fort Hood Shootings

By Miriam Rozen |

In the aftermath of the fatal Fort Hood shootings, a lawyer for the 2009 Fort Hood shooter reflects on the Army's approach to PTSD.

New trend in IP? Lawyer carves out role as consultant, case manager

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

Building that firm over time—as well as making a lot more money—is the reason that Houston lawyer Sandeep "Sandy" Seth left Susman Godfrey.

Dallas Trial Lawyer Lisa Blue to Move to D.C.

By John Council |

"It's my desperate love for politics," Blue said of the reason for the move. "When Fred died, one of the last things he said to me was, 'Politics matter.'"

Throwback Thursday: George W. Bush Purchases the Texas Rangers

By Mark Bauer |

A Fort Worth businessman had been trying to sell his share in the team for three years, and league owners rejected a deal he had reached the previous summer with a Florida car dealer and a New Jersey real estate developer.

When divorce splits a family, lawyer's book can help children cope

By Angela Morris |

"We can't, as parents, control everything that affects us in our lives. ... But our one thing we can control is our expression of love to our children," said Kerry Lance McGill.

Texas Supreme Court makes electronic filing easier

By Angela Morris |

In a March 21 order, the high court approved new technology standards by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology, which includes uniform, statewide codes for e-filings and specific reasons why court clerks may reject an e-filing.

Judicial candidate won't seek recount in election lost by 12 votes

By Angela Morris |

The deadline came and went on March 20 for Donna King to request a recount in her Republican primary race for Williamson County's 368th District Court, which she lost by 12 votes to incumbent Rick Kennon.

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan combines with London-based Arbis to enhance energy practices

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

Mark Wasserman, managing partner of Sutherland Asbill, said the deal is structured as a combination, and the firms will maintain two partnerships.

Lawyer dons prison jumpsuit for Lent

By Angela Morris |

"It's been an eye-opening experience for me. I'm a white middle-class professional male. I've never had to walk out of my house and feel the stigma that's attached, for various reasons, to certain groups of people," said Waco attorney Kent McKeever.

A murder in Hawaii and a miscarriage of justice: Lawyer's fifth book in the works

By Miriam Rozen |

Research for the book includes "an exhaustive report by the Pinkerton Detective Agency."

your vote counts

12 vote difference evokes possible recount in Republican primary race for Williamson County's 368th District Court

By Angela Morris |

There's speculation of a recount in the Republican Primary race for Williamson County's 368th District Court, since incumbent Rick Kennon won with just 12 votes more than challenger Donna King.

For the record: E-filing a boon to at least one appellate lawyer

By Angela Morris |

Although lawyers report mixed reactions about having to electronically file their court documents; at least one appellate lawyer is happy about a different e-filing mandate.

King & Spalding turns newsletter into online resource

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

"What the Energy Law Exchange does is to catalogue those articles into practice areas, geographic regions and the like to provide access to those interested, as well as an ability to provide news alerts," said Charles "Tim" Engel.

Battleship Texas, from left: Tom Wright, a partner in Houston’s Close & Wright, and Bruce Bramlett, executive director of the Battleship Texas Foundation

Celebrate Texas' most important ship with a lawyer who's helping keep it afloat

By John Council |

Houston's Close & Wright provides an office for Bruce Bramlett, executive director of the Battleship Texas Foundation that helps raise money to preserve the vessel housed on a Texas Parks & Wildlife historic site.


Four white-collar crime defense and securities law lawyers move from Locke Lord to Greenberg Traurig

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

Shareholder Jason Lewis said Greenberg Traurig is a good fit for his group's practice because of the network of offices but also because of its entrepreneurial bent and the "quality of its people."

After 32 years of service, Rene Guerra is voted out as Hidalgo County Criminal D.A.

By Angela Morris |

Democratic voters in Tuesday's primary said "goodbye" to longtime Hidalgo County Criminal District Attorney Rene Guerra.


Tex Parte: Houston plaintiffs' lawyer assumes chair of Houston Bar Foundation

By Angela Morris |

In his role, John Eddie Williams Jr. will lead the board of directors in making decisions about investments, grants and the foundation's programs.


Tex Parte: Houston Association of Women Attorneys to honor six lawyers

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

The Houston Association of Women Attorneys will honor six women lawyers at its Premier Women in the Law awards on March 11, and the AWA Foundation will award six scholarships to women law students in Houston.

Bar Poll: Incumbents Winning Primary

By Angela Morris |

If lawyers who took a State Bar of Texas poll were in charge, the March 4 Republican primary would end in three incumbent Texas Supreme Court justices winning their races. But a fourth justice who is unopposed in the Republican primary might need to worry about the general election.


Tex Parte: Baker Botts adds new positions to its senior management team

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

Baker Botts of Houston has added a new position to its senior management team for 2014—director of pricing and project management—and hired a new director of recruiting and development and a new chief marketing officer.


Throwback Thursday: guns on a plane

Just as travelers today forget to discard liquids greater than 3.4 ounces, travelers used to claim they forgot to remove firearms from their luggage prior to arriving at the airport.

Blake Hawthorne, center, during production of the NBC television series

'Revolution' at the Texas Supreme Court: Post-apocalyptic series shoots in the Lone Star nation

By Miriam Rozen |

This season, the post-apocalyptic series "Revolution" on NBC is set in "the great nation of Texas." The show's producers began filming this week in front of the Texas Supreme Court building.

Tex Parte: Texas Supreme Court debuts on Twitter

By Angela Morris |

The High Court has been on the mobile social network only a week, but it's already prompted light-hearted jealousy tweets from one of the justices.

As Ozzy Osbourne knows, you don't whizz on the Alamo

By John Council |

Tex Parte: Former high court justice Phylis Speedlin joins San Antonio firm

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

"Quieter existence" wasn't enough for judge who had left the Fourth Court after a decade on the appellate bench.

Tex Parte: Central and Southeast Texas winter weather courts closings

By Angela Morris |

The second blast of freezing rain in the past week hit Central Texas today, forcing state, county and federal courthouses to close or open late.

Tex Parte: Courtroom named in honor of former DA Mike Anderson

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |