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VIDEO: Judge Tim Wright to Resign

Judge Tim Wright faces five years in federal prison, will resign his bench and will surrender his law license after he pleaded guilty to selling guns without a license and lying to federal agents. His gun buyers smuggled guns to Mexico.

Video: Filings Are Falling in Texas, But Why?

Todd Murray, a partner and securities litigator with Dallas' Gardere, gets behind the numbers to explain why civil filings are on the increase in nations federal courts --- while they are dropping in Texas' state courts --- and why some litigants would rather be in a U.S. District Court given the choice.

Video: Big Bite of Apple: Dallas Partner Discusses Recent Win

Brad Caldwell, a partner in Dallas' Caldwell Cassady & Curry, recently won a $532.9 million patent infringement verdict before an Eastern District of Texas jury against Apple. Caldwell explains why the fact that his client is a "nonpracticing entity" or NPE --- a company that owns a patent but produces no products --- was not a factor during the trial and how he justified the large damage award to jurors.

Video: Possible Civil Implications for Texas Handgun Gun Open Carry Law

As the Texas Legislature is poised to pass legislation allowing the open carry of handguns, Chris Hamilton, a partner in Dallas' Standly Hamilton who represents plaintiffs in premises liability cases, discusses civil implications this law could impose on business owners.

Video: Winning Attorney Fees Under Texas' Anti-SLAPP Statute (and then some?)

Bob Latham, a partner in Jackson Walker, discusses how he won $124,000 in attorney fees under Texas Anti-SLAPP statute for getting a defamation case dismissed. Now the plaintiff's recent moves in the case may entitle him to an even larger fee award.