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Video: Filings Are Falling in Texas, But Why?

Todd Murray, a partner and securities litigator with Dallas' Gardere, gets behind the numbers to explain why civil filings are on the increase in nations federal courts --- while they are dropping in Texas' state courts --- and why some litigants would rather be in a U.S. District Court given the choice.

Video: Big Bite of Apple: Dallas Partner Discusses Recent Win

Brad Caldwell, a partner in Dallas' Caldwell Cassady & Curry, recently won a $532.9 million patent infringement verdict before an Eastern District of Texas jury against Apple. Caldwell explains why the fact that his client is a "nonpracticing entity" or NPE --- a company that owns a patent but produces no products --- was not a factor during the trial and how he justified the large damage award to jurors.

Video: Possible Civil Implications for Texas Handgun Gun Open Carry Law

As the Texas Legislature is poised to pass legislation allowing the open carry of handguns, Chris Hamilton, a partner in Dallas' Standly Hamilton who represents plaintiffs in premises liability cases, discusses civil implications this law could impose on business owners.

Video: Winning Attorney Fees Under Texas' Anti-SLAPP Statute (and then some?)

Bob Latham, a partner in Jackson Walker, discusses how he won $124,000 in attorney fees under Texas Anti-SLAPP statute for getting a defamation case dismissed. Now the plaintiff's recent moves in the case may entitle him to an even larger fee award.

Video: Is 'Cybor' Dead?

Doug Cawley, a principal in Dallas' McKool Smith, discusses a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that puts the brakes on 'Cybor': a controversial patent decision that allowed for crucial claims construction decisions to be more easily overturned on appeal. Cawley, who won the 1998 Cybor ruling, discusses how the high court's new decision will impact patent litigation.

Video: Retired Judge Mike Snipes Talks About Two of the Year's Most High-Profile Cases

Mike Snipes, a newly-retired Dallas district court judge, speaks about what happens now that indictments have been reinstated against wealthy oil heir Al Hill III and what it’s like to preside over the death penalty trial of a fellow (former) jurist.

Video: New Dallas DA Susan Hawk's Wingman Says Integrity Unit to Stay, Other Changes Coming

Bill Wirskye, a partner in Dallas' Shook Gunter & Wirskye, will become the new first assistant Dallas County District Attorney in January. He discusses new Dallas County DA Susan Hawk's plans for the office which include keeping its pioneering conviction integrity unit going.

Video: Perry Talks to Media After Hearing on Indictment

Gov. Rick Perry speaks to the media Nov. 6, 2014, after a pretrial hearing in his case over charges of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant.

Video: When the Defense Moves for Multi-District Litigation

Michael McCabe, a partner in Dallas' Munck Wilson Mandala who is defending Parkland Health and Hospital System, explains why he recently moved for multi-district litigation for a series of cases filed against his client in the same county. Pre-trial ruling consolidation is rare for state employment law cases but will work in his county hospital client's favor for several reasons, he said.

Video: Capital Area Private Defenders Service: View from the Bar

The Capital Area Private Defenders Service, a nonprofit organization launched Oct. 1, is set to take over Travis County's indigent defense system starting January 2015. What do attorneys think about the change? What are their questions or concerns?