Dallas Lawyer Gets Exceptional Win for Patent Plaintiff But No Attorney Fees

It was certainly exceptional last spring when an Eastern District of Texas jury gave Jamil Alibhai's plaintiff technology client a whopping $88 million in damages for patent infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets.

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  • Stampeding to Texas

    Texas Lawyer

    Despite plunging oil prices, national firms are bullish on the Lone Star State.

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  • Class Action Filed Against BP Retirement Plan

    By Miriam Rozen

    One former and one current BP employee filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the British oil giant company's retirement plan. Some 450 BP employees are part of the proposed class.

  • Exxon, Shell Win Superfund Case in Texas Third Court of Appeals

    By Angela Neville

    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality recently lost its appeal before the Texas Third Court of Appeals against Exxon Mobil Corporation, Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation, Shell Oil Company and Pennzoil-Quaker State Company related to the state agency's argument that a remediation order at a Texas Superfund site should be reviewed solely under a substantial evidence standard.

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  • New Partners Survey: Partner Counts Increase in 2016 for Big Law in Texas

    By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys

    A Houston firm now elects sharerholders twice a year to benefit associates who took the bar exam in February.

  • Lawyers and Advisers Agree: White-Knuckle The Falling Stock Market This Year

    By ALM Staff

    With the stock market down so far this year, is it a surprise that lawyers' financial strategy is to keep working through 2016? In a recent survey conducted across ALM’s legal news websites for about three days, 170 respondents out of more than 200 said they would work longer or stay the course to stave off investment pinches. The approach dovetails with the culture at many law practices, where seniority means more power and business. Nearly every stock index has fallen this year since Jan. 1, with the exception of some Latin American markets, so law firm partners across the U.S. this week asserted that their plans to stay in the workforce have not wavered.

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