• District Attorney Launching In-House Cyber Forensics Unit

    By Angela Morris

    "Launching the Cyber Forensics Unit will be a tremendous benefit in handling specific criminal cases within the district attorney's office," Bexar County Criminal DA Nico LaHood said in a statement.

  • Go Track 'Alice'

    By John Council

    Since the U.S. Supreme Court issued Alice v. CLS Bank last year, the decision has hit the intellectual property world like a hurricane, causing federal courts to dismiss a whole host of patent infringement cases in which litigants lay claim to "abstract ideas."

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  • Halliburton Proposes Deals with Landowners in Alleged Pollution Cases

    By Angela Neville

    Recently Houston-based Halliburton has begun offering settlements to a number of the property owners in and near Duncan, Oklahoma, who have sued the company claiming that they had the hazardous waste perchlorate show up in their private wells because of operations conducted by a former Halliburton facility.

  • CenterPoint Energy Leads By Example

    By Bill Jeffreys

    CenterPoint Energy has long had a heritage of community involvement and pro bono activity among its lawyers, assistant corporate general counsel Monica Karuturi said. But it was slipping in 2013.

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  • Texas Lawyer's Annual Firm Finance Report

    The Annual Report on Firm Finance also includes a Profitability Index, which shows whether equity partners in a firm are taking home more or less than average RPL, and a firm-by-firm analysis that helps to explain financial results from each of the top 25 firms.

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