State Bar of Texas Candidates Address What Lawyers Really Want to Know

As lawyers prepare to vote on the next leader of the State Bar of Texas, candidates Randy Howry and Frank Stevenson answer questions from practicing attorneys who posted on Facebook.

Call for Nominations

  • Extraordinary Minorities

    Texas Lawyer is seeking nominations for "Extraordinary Minorities," a special section to be published this summer profiling outstanding minority Texas attorneys.

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  • Bills: Promoting Green Fracking Through Tax Credits

    By Angela Neville

    Two Texas House bills were recently introduced that offer tax credits on a per-well basis for oil and gas drillers that use alternative fracking fluids instead of freshwater during fracking operations.

  • Oil Prices Down, Trade Secret Disputes Up

    By Scott D. Marrs and Scott R. Davis

    Texas has a number of statutes that companies can deploy to protect their trade secrets. Put an action plan in gear now. A trade secret once lost is lost forever.

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In-House Texas

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