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  • Texas Supreme Court: Accelerate Appeals of Juveniles' Adult Certifications

    By Miriam Rozen

    The Supreme Court of Texas issued an order requiring juvenile court judges to tell youths whom they have certified to be tried in adult criminal courts that they may immediately appeal those rulings.

  • The Eastern District Gets a Lobbyist

    By John Council

    "Obviously we want the Eastern District to be treated fairly with other districts and not be singled out for purposes of venue," said Gaylord Hughey, who will serve as the Eastern District of Texas Bar Association's lobbyist in front of Congress. "That's an issue that I'm focused on.''

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  • Judge Affirms $3.7M Overtime Award for Native Oilfield Drivers

    By Angela Neville

    U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle upheld a jury's $3.7 million verdict awarded to former company drivers for Native Oilfield Services for disputed overtime wages under the FLSA to its employees.

  • Could Crude Oil Exports Become a Reality?

    By Natalie Regoli and Brian Polley

    Why all the attention? In a word: shale. The shale revolution, driven largely by rapid technological advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques over the past decade, has increased U.S. oil production to record levels.

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