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The Texas Supreme Court Again Finishes Its Term With No Backlog

John Council | October 3, 2016

For the second year in a row, the Texas Supreme Court ended their term on Aug. 31 with no backlog of cases. It was another huge accomplishment for a court that has long struggled to dig out from under a mountain of appeals.

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Heather Nevitt. Editor-in-Chief, Texas Lawyer

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Partner Paul Yetter founded Houston-based Yetter Coleman in 1997

2016 Attorney of the Year: Paul Yetter

By Miriam Rozen |

Paul Yetter leads the fight for the forgotten foster children in Texas.

Texas Campuses' Response to Sexual Assault Allegations Stirs Controversy

By Miriam Rozen |

With a wide range of agendas and goals, lawyers have waded into the troubled waters of how universities should best cope with allegations of sexual assault on campus.

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett.

The Social Media Justice: Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett Gets Attention With His Tweets, and His Opinions

By John Council |

Willett spoke with Texas Lawyer senior reporter John Council about his prolific use of social media, his place on the conservative court and whether he now regrets his Trump tweets.

The Belles of the Ball: Bankruptcy Lawyers

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys |

With energy industry bankruptcies on the rise, Texas firms are on the prowl for restructuring and bankruptcy lawyers.

In-House Texas

Mexican Energy Reform, Three Years Later

By Gabriel Salinas and Rodrigo Dominguez Sotomayor |

Almost three years after passing the reform, Mexico has successfully developed a new energy regulatory framework, which has created a brand-new energy play in the North American region.

Navigating the First Deepwater Joint Venture with Pemex in Mexico

By Glenn Pinkerton and Eduardo Marquez Certucha |

While the story is not yet fully written on Mexico's energy reform, a key new chapter is about to begin with its auction process.

Elaine Flud Rodriguez.

GC of DFW International Airport Handled Initial Turbulence With Ease

By Mary Alice Robbins |

As general counsel for Dallas/
Fort Worth International Airport, Elaine Flud Rodriguez often gets asked unusual questions, like whether employees in the airport's Wildlife Management Department need hunting licenses. "You get those kinds of questions you would never get in other environments," said Rodriguez, who is responsible for managing and directing all legal functions at the airport.

Elaine Flud Rodriguez.

Q&A With the GC of One of the Country's Busiest Airports

By Mary Alice Robbins |

A Q&A with Elaine Flud Rodriguez, general counsel for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Challenges of Preserving Cross-Border Attorney-Client Privilege

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Texas Lawyer spoke to Cowman and other practitioners about in-house privilege and cross-border issues and what corporate legal departments can do to help preserve it in a multinational legal landscape.

Michael P. Maslanka.

6 Advice Clichés to Avoid Like the Plague

By Michael P. Maslanka |

Bad advice floats. Why? Because it is repeated so often, and stated with such conviction, that we think "Surely, this advice is righteous and good and wise." Think again. My goal: Sight it, sink it.


John Browning

Who Was the First African-American Lawyer in Texas?

By John G. Browning |

My curiosity was piqued by the fact that one question was conspicuously unanswered: Who was the first African-American lawyer in Texas?

Verdicts & Settlements

Pregnant worker settles for $20K

Brad Houston of the Law Office of Bradley Houston.

Inadmissible: The 'Cycling Lawyer'

Many lawyers are passionate about practicing law, but not like Brad Houston, who built his whole law firm around his passion for riding bikes.



By Mary Alice Robbins |

Moves and honors of lawyers from all over the Lone Star state.


Scalia's Environmental Law Legacy

By Angela Neville |

The rulings by the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in a number of Clean Air Act cases continue to have important lasting impacts.

Practical Tips to Help Prepare Associates for Their First Trial

By Andrew Zeve & William A. Moss |

Preparing for a complex trial is difficult; there are no shortcuts. it can be especially difficult for first-year associates who have never taken a case all the way through trial.


Major US Immigration Reform in Store for 2017

By Charles C. Foster |

The 2016 presidential election is unlike any prior one in that the two major nominees represent polar extremes in terms of their approach toward U.S. immigration policy.

Crimmigration: Today's Legal Reality

By Alexandre I. Afanassiev |

Criminal attorneys have been effectively put on notice that, if their clients are not U.S. citizens, they better check if a plea deal they are negotiating will not result in deportation, lest they face a grievance for ineffective assistance of counsel.