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The Texas 100: Out-of-State Firms Lead Growth in Texas

Brenda Sapino Jeffreys | August 1, 2016

The five big firms that grew the fastest in Texas in 2015 are all based out of state.

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David Baay.

Lawyer David Baay Takes on Life-Changing Pro Bono Case

By John Council |

Viktor Lim and his family got lucky twice after they were deported from Kazakhstan because of Lim's work as a Baptist missionary.

Barratry Brawl

By John Council |

What better way to clamp down on the practice than simply giving victims the ability to sue the very lawyers who'd improperly solicited them?

Slumping Energy Companies May See IP as Way to Gain Back Profits

By Scott Flaherty |

With slumping commodities prices continuing to strap the energy sector, there's talk among some lawyers experienced in the industry that companies are increasingly looking to their intellectual property to generate income and position themselves ahead of rivals.

In-House Texas

02/26/16- Michael P. Maslanka, Assistant Professor of Law, UNT Dallas College of Law.

Hillary vs. The Donald—
What Can We Learn From It?


Five Lessons for Lawyers by Observing Political Pundits

Attorney Immunity Can Protect Lawyers in Divorce Cases From Lawsuits by the Other Side

By Randy Johnston |

Divorce leaves both sides looking for someone to blame, someone to sue, for all the pain they felt through the divorce process and the dissatisfaction they still feel over the result.

Since Middle School, BMC Software GC Pat Tagtow Knew His Destiny

By Mary Alice Robbins |

When Pat Tagtow heard the general counsel for a major corporation speak at a Chicago middle school's "Career Day" about his international law career and the traveling he did on the job, Tagtow made the decision to become a lawyer.

Q&A With GC of BMC Software Inc.

By Mary Alice Robbins |

What are some best practices from Patrick Tagtow, the GC of BMC Software?


Jury Awards Plaintiff
 Claiming Several Injuries; Plus Other Verdict News

A pilot was awarded $1.49 million for a crash that permanently damaged one of his vocal cords.

Newsmakers: Moves and Honors in the Texas Legal Community

John Arnold has rejoined Locke Lord as a partner in the firm's Houston office and other newsmakers.

Will Hutson, left, and Chris Harris, right, partners in the The Waco Law Firm.

Inadmissable: Don't Eat Your Weed

Waco law partners Will Hutson and Chris Harris both like to sing, play guitar and ponder the absurd nature of some of Texas criminal laws. So they created a minor hit—so to speak—when they wrote and uploaded "Don't Eat Your Weed" to YouTube a few months ago.


The Big Business of Divorce

By John Roach & Laura Roach |

The "business of divorce" should be conducted outside the courtroom to minimize the negative emotional and financial effects. This can be accomplished by embracing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods and openly discussing the options with the client.

More Disorder in the Court

By John G. Browning |

Forget about death and taxes being the only certainties in life. It's summertime, and you can count on two more sure things: stifling Texas heat, and enough oddities in the legal system to keep us entertained until the fall. If you don't believe me, just meander through the following examples.


Collaborative Divorce Wanes, But Techniques Alive in Other Settlement Methods

By Jim Mueller |

Collaborative divorce once seemed like the perfect way for litigants to save money on the dissolution of a family, reduce nasty mudslinging, turn important decisions over to financial and mental health experts and unclog court dockets. It was the civilized way to divorce.

Holding Trucking Companies Directly Liable

By Quentin Brogdon |

In the super-heated trucking industry, a shortage of qualified drivers and fierce competitive forces motivate carriers and drivers to take short cuts and violate the regulations. All too often, the result is a predictable and preventable tragedy. Each year, about 4,000 people are killed in crashes involving large trucks. This shocking number of deaths is equal to all of the passengers in 10 fully loaded 747s. Yet the carnage on the roads continues unabated, year after year.

Picking Your PI Jury

By Lisa Blue, Robert Hirschhorn & Kellye Raymond |

When preparing for voir dire in a personal injury case the first thing you must do is take a hard look at your case and determine if you need a liability jury or a damages jury.