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Texas Lawyer's 2017 Departments of the Year Honorees

Heather D. Nevitt, Esq. | August 1, 2017

Meet the firms and legal departments recognized for their outstanding work this past year. An event for the honorees will be held Sept. 6 at the Belo Mansion in Dallas.

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Heather Nevitt. Editor-in-Chief, Texas Lawyer

The Work Family


Ciara Perritano, second-year law student at St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio

Surviving Law School: Advice From Those Who Know

By Angela Morris |

Before Texas law schools open their doors for a new school year in late August, Texas Lawyer reached out to members of law school communities across the Lone Star State, asking for their advice for new and returning students. Students, deans, professors, career services deans and student affairs professionals answered the call.

In-House Texas

Nightmare on 14th Street

By Ben Major |

I hate watching horror movies. When not covering my eyes, I futilely plead with the characters to flee and escape death at the hands of the villain. As the viewer, I know that Michael Myers is hiding in the closet, that the shark is much bigger than the hero's boat, and that eerie music foreshadows the villain's attack. I read court opinions from a similar perspective, and when sneaky procedural issues aim to gut a party's otherwise meritorious case, I tend to pull for that party.

Buckle Up: Seat Belt Evidence Now Admissible

By Quentin Brogdon |

In 'Nabor Well Services v. Romero' in 2015, the Texas Supreme Court upended more than 40 years of precedent when it allowed evidence of a plaintiff's nonuse of seat belts to reduce a plaintiff's recovery in a car crash case.

Michael P. Maslanka, assistant professor of law, UNT Dallas College of Law.

Follow the Golden Rule: Model Rule 5.6, That Is

By Michael P. Maslanka |

It's easier to comply with the law than to circumvent it. This summer I am teaching this simple yet profound lesson to the students in our Professional Responsibility class.

Leslie Moore

Meet the GC at the American College of Emergency Physicians

By Kristen Rasmussen |

In addition to managing the American College of Emergency Physicians' legal department, Leslie Moore also oversees the human resources and office services departments and helps handle ethics complaints brought by members against other physician members who may have violated the group's code of ethics.


Girl Locked In Store During Attempted Shoplifting Awarded $145K

An innocent bystander who was locked in a convenience store by an employee trying to stop an attempted shoplifting was awarded $145,000.

Ernest A. Raba Building at the St. Mary’s University School of Law

2 St. Mary's University School of Law Alumni Donate $1M

Two alumni of St. Mary's University School of Law have donated $1 million to their alma mater for a program that helps law students succeed in class, ace finals and pass the all-important bar exam.


U.S. Supreme Court building

Interruption Study Is About More Than SCOTUS

By Kathleen J. Wu |

Back in April, a team of researchers at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law released a study showing that female justices on the U.S. Supreme Court were interrupted significantly more than their male counterparts.

As Gray Divorces Increase, Social Security Benefits Become More Important

By Aubrey Connatser and Guy Rodgers |

Dramatic increases in the number of older people getting divorced these days have brought to light social security rules that provide additional benefits to divorced people who qualify.

Tragedy Can Follow When Criminal Law and Family Law Collide

By Marie Briner |

Sudden tragedy in a high-conflict family matter is the nightmare scenario for both attorneys and judges when criminal law and family law interact in Texas.