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Daniel Reat, vice president and chief legal officer for operations and business affairs at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Meet a Co-Chief Legal Officer at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Meet a Co-Chief Legal Officer at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Employees on Social Media: Avoiding Potential Litigation Traps

By Matthew Coolbaugh |

For some employers, social media can prove to be a litigation trap.

How to Handle Digital Damage Control

By Lee Winkelman and Alan Bush, Bush Law Firm |

How much (legal) trouble can one employee get into with a smartphone and a social media account or two? Hint, hint: It's more than most in-house counsel would want to admit.

Michael P. Maslanka, assistant professor of law, UNT Dallas College of Law.

How Reading Poetry Helps You With Your Lawyering


Feeling down as a lawyer? Seeking transcendence? Needing a mindset transplant? Here's a suggestion: read poetry.

Reese Arrowsmith, vice president and head of legal operations at Campbell Soup Co.

Digital Pillars: Essential Technologies in Corporate Legal

By Rhys Dipshan |

As modern legal departments look to become more cost-effective and efficient, many cannot do without vital management and analytic technologies.

Michael P. Maslanka, assistant professor of law, UNT Dallas College of Law.

5 Questions to Help Determine If You Will Succeed as a Lawyer

By Michael P. Maslanka |

And now for "Aspiring Lawyer," in which a would-be lawyer declares to an already-admitted lawyer that she'd be fantastic, because behind Door No. 1: "I relish arguing." Or behind Door No. 2: "I have a photographic memory." Or behind Door No. 3: "A jury will just love me because everyone does." Or perhaps all three reasons plus "I want to make some serious coin."

Danielle Hunter, executive vice president, general counsel and chief risk & compliance officer at C&J Energy Services.

Meet the GC of C&J Energy Services

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Covering corporate law departments and in-house attorneys for Texas Lawyer and other ALM publications, reporter Kristen Rasmussen profiles Danielle Hunter, executive vice president, general counsel, chief risk & compliance officer and corporate secretary at C&J Energy Services.

US Supreme Court Tackles Issue of Restaurant 'Tip Pooling'

By Marcia Coyle |

Ruling may have an impact on Texas as a tip credit state.

The Renaissance of Noncompetition Agreement

By Patrick J. Maher |

In Texas, the enforceability of noncompetition agreements ("noncompetes") has widely varied. By the end of the 1980s, noncompetes were highly disfavored by Texas courts. The Texas Legislature responded with the Texas Covenants Not to Compete Act. (Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 15.50-52), which was intended to favor noncompetes. That Act required enforcement of noncompetes so long as they are (1) ancillary to an otherwise enforceable agreement, (2) serve a legitimate business purpose, and (3) contain reasonable limits as to time, and geography and scope of activity restricted.

Cybervillains Lurk on LinkedIn

By Steve Thomas |

Hardly a day goes by without news of another data breach, online scam, new malware threat, or other success story from the annals of organized cybercrime.

Pipeline Safety Regs Remain in Limbo Under Trump

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Operators of pipelines transporting hazardous liquids are waiting to see if President Trump makes good on his promise to reduce regulation by 75 percent, including amendments to rules enforced by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

Rankin Gasaway, SVP, GC and Secretary, 7-Eleven.

Meet the GC of 7-Eleven, Rankin Gasaway

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Covering corporate law departments and in-house attorneys for Texas Lawyer and other ALM publications, reporter Kristen Rasmussen profiles Rankin Gasaway, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary at 7-Eleven Inc.

Yvette Ostolaza and Penny Reid.

Tips for Being Successful in Your New Role as Partner

By Yvette Ostolaza and Penny Reid |

Most young lawyers dream of the day they will make partner. It's a monumental milestone in your career that represents years of hard work, determination and dedication.

Oil Rebound Demands Preventive Maintenance for Contracts

By Michael J. Wray and Jacob C. Esparza |

As the recent Permian Basin buying spree and increased offshore capital expenditures by super majors reveal, the energy industry downturn of recent years may be turning a corner.

A Day in the Life of an Immigrant in Detention: Rights, Wrongs and Release

By Diego Rodriguez |

What an ICE hold is like from a detainee's perspective and what rights you have against lengthy detention.

Michael Maslanka.

Take it From Shakespeare—the Words 'Fair Play' Mean a lot More Than 'Don't Cheat'

By Michael P. Maslanka |

There is a lot more there. When you watch the movie, you will see the time clock in the Hickory High School gym. Two words, one concept, are printed on it: "Fair Play." Know where the concept comes from? The very first to use it? Shakespeare.

Eve Burton, senior vice president and general counsel of the Hearst Corp.

Eve Burton: Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Hearst Corp.

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Hearst's legal department has about 100 lawyers and professionals globally.

Waco district attorney Abel Reyna walks off the stage during an announcement concerning the West explosion May 2016.

Biker-Defendant Looks to Remove Waco DA Abel Reyna From the Case

By Miriam Rozen |

In the mandamus petition, Broden, who represents one of the indicted bikers, argues that his client will be denied due process unless Reyna is removed from the case. He alleges that the DA has a "huge" financial interest in the bikers' prosecutions.

Michael P. Maslanka

Recent Cases Moves Sexual Orientation Closer Than Ever to Protected Classification Status Under Title VII


Is sexual orientation a protected classification under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? The answer was once a "no." But there were two November surprises that will likely start to change the answer to "yes."

How to Assist Clients with Estimating Expenses in Annual Budgets and Corporate Transactions

By Julie Machal-Fulks |

For many corporations, the end of the year signifies that it is time to look to the coming year and identify a corporate or department budget for technology expenditures.

Legal Tech Skills Are No Longer Optional

By Steve Thomas |

If you are relying on your teenager to help you, the time is now to learn.

Jack Balagia.

Starting a New Chapter

By Kristen Rasmussen |

After 18 years at the energy giant, Jack Balagia retires as general counsel with respect and admiration.

Tracy Preston, general counsel for the Neiman Marcus Group.

Neiman Marcus GC Helps Bring 'The Christmas Book' to Life

By Mary Alice Robbins |

Tracy Preston is one of very few people who knows what Neiman Marcus will offer as "fantasy gifts" in The Christmas Book long before the catalogue comes out.

Mike Maslanka

The Goal for 2017? Practice the 'Big G'


Want to feel grateful at work? It is the place where we spend the most time other than being with loved ones. Ask not whether you are "happy" with your job but rather, as did the ancient Greeks, ask whether you are fulfilled in it.

Tracy Preston, general counsel for the Neiman Marcus Group.

Q&A With Neiman Marcus GC Tracy Preston

By Mary Alice Robbins |

Q&A with Tracy Preston, general counsel of Neiman Marcus.

To Self-Report or Not to Self-Report?

By Jason Varnado and David Woodcock |

This article examines key pros and cons to self-reporting potentially unlawful behavior to the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

U.S. Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C.

Self-Reporting of FCPA Violations on the Rise

By Kristen Rasmussen |

The DOJ's new one-year pilot enforcement program, announced in April, encourages companies to self-report illegal payments under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Fate of Obama's Clean Power Plan Pits Climate Goals Against Administrative Law

By Michael Nasi |

On Aug. 3, 2015, President Obama unveiled his Clean Power Plan, an EPA regulation imposing carbon dioxide limits on existing coal- and gas-fired power plants. It is likely the most impactful and most contentious rule ever issued by the EPA.