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GCs Outline Cybersecurity Measures to Congress

By Sue Reisinger |
Tonya Johannsen, general counsel for HC Beck Ltd. in Dallas

Construction Company Hc Beck Ltd.'s GC Guides Business Through Recession, Recovery

By Jeanne Graham |

A few of the company's recent projects include serving as general contractor for additions at Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin, the University of Texas Naveen Jindal School of Management in Richardson and the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth.

Best Practices: Know Your Stuff

Tonya Johannsen, general counsel for The Beck Group in Dallas, said there are three criteria, including subject matter expertise, that she considers when selecting outside counsel.

love letter

Work Matters: Drafting Employee Love Language

By Michael P. Maslanka |

It's praised by some practitioners and viewed skeptically by others, but it's still an arrow in the general counsel's quiver.

Don't Let the Board Get Hammered: A Pair of Tools for Controlling Shareholder Takeovers

By Patrick Keating |

If a trial court can resolve by summary judgment that one of the two procedural protections occurred, the burden of proof shifts from the defendant to the plaintiff.

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Crackdown: Why Corporate Counsel Should Care About the Department of Labor

By Vianei Lopez Braun |

The new regulations covering disabled workers require covered federal contractors to set a hiring goal of 7 percent disabled workers in each job group.

Understanding International Employment Law

By Bill Wright and Celia Joseph |

What a U.S. employer would consider a bonus, some countries may count as base compensation.


Forfeiture Clauses: When Are These 'Bad Boys' Enforceable?

By Emily Frost |

More recently, Texas courts have declined to follow the employee choice doctrine and have refused to enforce forfeiture clauses that fail to comply with Texas law governing noncompete agreements.

Jenny Gray, general counsel and compliance director, Brinson Benefits, Dallas

Understanding Benefits: GC, Mom of Four Keeps Companies in Compliance

By Jeanne Graham |

Jenny Gray's biggest challenge this past year was one familiar to many lawyers: keeping up with the latest news on implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Best Practices: Be Business-Minded

Jenny Gray, general counsel and compliance director for Brinson Benefits in Dallas, wants outside counsel who anticipate the impact of their advice on her company's business.

GCs Being Shown the Door With Little Warning

By Sue Reisinger |

Is it safe to go into work at the law department? Wellpoint is the second major company in recent months to dismiss its general counsel in a surprise move. And a third big-company GC is under fire.


Machiavelli's 6 Insights for General Counsel

By Michael P. Maslanka |

Contrary to his bad rap, Niccolo Machiavelli is not a Dr. Evil, and "The Prince" is not a version of "Evil for Dummies." Its lessons for GCs and for the executives they counsel are timeless.

After Target Breach, Senate Introduces Data Security Act

By Andrew Ramonas |

Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) are taking aim at retailers with new legislation intended to improve safeguards for consumer information, following recent revelations about data breaches at Target Corp. and Neiman Marcus Group Ltd.

Faith E. Parten, an associate with Pierce & O'Neill, Houston, Texas

Who Pays to Remove Injected Carbon Dioxide?

By Faith Parten |

Can gas companies share the cost of removing injected carbon dioxide as a part of enhanced recovery operations with royalty owners as a postproduction cost? Or is the cost is actually a production cost that gas companies cannot deduct from royalty owners' share?

Natalie L. Regoli, partner, Baker & McKenzie, Houston and Brian T. Polley, associate, Baker & McKenzie, Houston

Six Critical Issues Facing Onshore LNG Projects

By Natalie Regoli and Brian Polley |

Global liquefied natural gas projects are booming, and construction of onshore LNG facilities is a hot topic. Lawyers for operators and contractors should consider certain recurring themes in large-scale, onshore, stick-built LNG projects.

Gregory S. Friend, senior attorney with Stahl, Bernal & Davies in Austin

Issues in Solar Energy Development

By Gregory S. Friend |

While solar energy projects have been prevalent in California, Arizona and New Jersey for many years, large scale solar development is just now gaining a foothold in Texas.

World-Wide Work

By Jeanne Graham |

Ernesto Garcia's job spans the globe. He's the vice president-legal, general counsel and corporate secretary for BBVA Bancomer USA Inc., which provides cross-border money transactions.

Best Practices: Expertise and Communication Are Key

Ernesto Garcia, vice president - legal, general counsel and corporate secretary for BBVA Bancomer USA Inc., explains what he considers most important when selecting outside counsel.

The Eightfold Path of the Tao of Termination

By Michael P. Maslanka |

A Tao mindset consists of broad aphorisms, eschewing narrow and legalistic concepts and rules. Wisdom is self-generated, not imposed. So, with apologies to Lao Tzu, here is the Tao of termination.

Fielding a 'Moneyball' Compliance Program

By Donna Boehme and Michael Volkov |

All compliance professionals, even those who have never even seen a baseball game, can learn something from the true story about how in 2002 the struggling Oakland Athletics team made more with less. And won. A lot.