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Don't Look at Litigation as a Battle to Be Won

By Michael P. Maslanka |

Do you find yourself using "we" and battle analogies in litigation?

John Minor Wisdom U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit building, New Orleans, LA.

5th Circuit Anti-Plaintiff? Not So Fast ...

By Michael P. Maslanka |

The Fifth Circuit gets a bad rap on being anti-plaintiff in employment cases. But it did a lot to nuke that image by denying en banc review (by an 11-4 vote) in 'Thompson v. Waco'.


Good Review at Work? Thank Your Spouse!

By Michael P. Maslanka |

Valentine's Day has come and gone. But an interesting piece in a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review illuminates the importance at work of being in a relationship.

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Ask These Three Questions to Get More From Yourself, Others

By Michael P. Maslanka |

Never underestimate the power of questions. Here are three great questions from three great books.

Medical Marijuana in Texas?

By Angela Morris |

Two recent bills ask Texas lawmakers to legalize the use of low-THC cannabis for epileptics who suffer seizures uncontrollable with other medication.

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Unsavory Tweets About a Company CEO Leads to a Subpoena Against Non-Party Twitter

By Michael P. Maslanka |

A court enforced the subpoena gainst non-party Twitter, but why?

Merry Christmas, Plaintiffs Lawyers!

By Michael P. Maslanka |

On Dec. 11, the Fifth Circuit delivered an early Christmas present to plaintiffs lawyers in 'EEOC v. LHC Group, Inc.' And, I'm not talking stocking stuffers, but a big old present under a lit up tree.

Don't let 'reaction mode' control you

By Michael P. Maslanka |

There is the stimulus and there is our response. The gap between the two is our freedom to choose our reaction.

Work Matters: Take pressure off achieving a goal and you just might reach it

By Michael P. Maslanka |

By focusing on the process, victory is always achievable in the moment.

Work Matters: Texas employment defense lawyers earned a treat on Halloween

By Michael P. Maslanka |

How is an insurance adjustment case relevant to EEOC files or discrimination lawsuits?

3 simple tips for disrupting gender bias in hiring practices

By Michael P. Maslanka |

These small changes have potential to do more good than women's initiatives and stand-alone bias training, which can make diversity metrics worse.


Work Matters: Claim or no claim? Terminated employee sues for religious discrimination after skipping work to attend church groundbreaking

By Michael P. Maslanka |

The Fifth Circuit said that the tenets of a faith mattered zip in determining whether the ground breaking/lunch was a religious practice.

Texas State Flag

High Court: Seeking discovery under Rule 202? Personal jurisdiction matters

By Michael P. Maslanka |

(And we all thought that boring first-year civil procedure class would never come in handy.)