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5 Mindsets For Better Lawyer Health

By Michael P. Maslanka |

Here is a distressing box score: 20 percent of lawyers combat depression; 44 percent of lawyers grapple with alcohol/substance abuse; and 19 percent fight off anxiety.

5 Tips for Collaborating with Outside Counsel in Depositions

By Michael P. Maslanka |

GC's are not potted plants at depositions or in deposition prep. Their insights are valuable. So here are five ideas (many based on the latest in cognitive research) for them to mull over in collaborating with outside counsel.

Does Having a Daughter = More Socially Responsible?

By Mike Maslanka |

Do you have a daughter? Then you will be interested in the article "CEOs With Daughters Run More Socially Responsible Firms" in the November issue of the Harvard Business Review. Bottom line: Research reveals that when a firm is led by a CEO with a daughter, it scores an average of 11.9 percent higher on CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) metrics and spent 13.4 percent more of its net income on CSR than the median.

Is it Time to Deep Six the Idea of a Non-Compete?

By Michael P. Maslanka |

An interesting post by blogger/lawyer Leiza Dolghih, popped up in her June 22 blog post, North Texas Legal News: "What You Should Know About Non-Compete Agreements in Your Industry."